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Let's Talk about Doing Your Best!

What does it mean to do your best?

According to society, our best seems to be:

  • Going FULL OUT!

  • Nose to the grind stone

  • No pain, no gain

  • No excuses

  • GO! GO! GO!

  • 100% effort

  • A+

This is great in theory, right? When we’re doing our best, we’re at the top of our game—lots of creativity and energy and momentum and focus and production. We’re operating at peak performance and efficiency and just crushing it!


But, what’s the cost of this mentality if this is the only definition of doing our best?


If we throw ourselves 100% into everything every single day, and define our best only in terms of A+ results and energy, we’re going to:


  • Burnout

  • Get hurt

  • Feel inadequate

  • Feel overwhelmed

  • Make mistakes


Basically, it’s going to get real unpleasant, real fast. Because going at 100% or 100 miles an hour at all times isn’t realistic or sustainable.


In reality, our best looks different every single day because we’re not the same every single day.


Two different versions of me doing my best

One day, you might feel like you’re Wonder Woman—you’ve got infinite energy, you’re in control of that inner critic, you’re making mad progress on your goals, and you feel like you can move mountain after mountain. And on these days, the best version of you is going to ride that momentum and feel grateful for it and move those mountains.


Another day, you might feel unmotivated, full of fear and anxiety and doubt, and questioning absolutely everything. And on these days, the best version of you is going to practice all the self-care. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure or a loser or not an ambitious woman. You are NOT as incapable as you feel. It just means your best looks different today.


At the end of the day, what we consider to be our best for each and every day—and sometimes, each and every hour—is going to change. It’s perfectly natural. It’s life.


And if we don’t change our definition of our best, and we try to force ourselves to adhere to a definition of our best that isn’t our best for the day… it’s going to create more stress and problems and we’re not going to enjoy the journey toward the goal.


So, be kind to yourself as your best ebbs and flows, and honor the woman you are today, because that’s what it truly means to do your very best. 


Here are two journal prompts with you that can help you define your best for different versions of you:


  • On the days you’re feeling it, what does doing your best mean and look like to you?

  • On the days you’re not feeling it, what does doing your best mean and look like to you?


Meet yourself where you’re at. Be kind to yourself. Allow your definition of your best to change because it’s necessary and way more fulfilling!



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