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2 Affirmations to Boost Your Resiliency!

Updated: Apr 13

When we're going through it, we might need a lil somethin-somethin extra to be able to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off, right?

So, check out these two affirmations that can boost our resiliency:

1.      “It WILL end up okay.”


When you think about all the terrible things you’ve navigated in your life, you’ve made it through 100% of those worst experiences. You’re standing here like the miracle that you are because resiliency is built into your bones. It might not feel like it’ll be okay right now… but, it WILL end up being okay. Because you do, in fact, always always always… make it through.

This terrible thing, too, shall pass. So, feel your feelings. And then, keep going. Because it will be okay.

There is so much evidence—if you look for it—to confirm that you are a resilient badass who is absolutely going to make it through this storm.


2.     “Don’t let this ruin things.”  


When you're going through something hard, it's so easy to let the difficult thing— a bad review on amazon, a criticism from your boss, etc.— rob you of your confidence, energy, joy, and momentum. But, you cannot let one opinion or review or situation rob you of your confidence or value or sense of self-worth.

Again, feel your feelings and keep going.

Truly, it's really foolish— when you think about it— to let one bad interaction or situation or someone else’s opinion define you.


You are amazing. Never doubt that. Keep going. Always.



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