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A Journaling Exercise to Test Whether Your Goals are Aligned!

Updated: Apr 13

On episode 206 of The Power Within Her podcast, we chatted all about making sure we're living our lives in ALIGNMENT! Because, let's be real, sometimes we're massively out of alignment and we don't even realize it, especially since our lives are often going at a million miles an hour. So, it feels like there isn't time to slow down and reflect.

But that's also exactly why we've got to slow down! We've got to make time to ensure that we're 100% pouring energy into the people and things that light us up like a Christmas tree in Whoville.

That said, I've got the perfect journaling exercise to test whether your goals are or are not in alignment. (Please know that this exercise can also be applied to almost everything in your life--i.e.: relationships, job, etc).

So, grab a pen and a notebook, and latch onto my favorite Pro Journaling Tip:

When you answer the questions below, just let it flowwwwww. Don’t judge. Don’t overthink. Be honest and feel your way through it. This is for you. No one else has to see this.

That said, let's dive in:

1.     What are the goals that I’m pursuing? List them out.


2.     Of these goals, what ones make me want to jump out of my skin with excitement? What ones will I move mountains for to make sure I show up? List them out.


3.     Of these goals, what one or ones make me say, “ughhhhh”? What ones make me feel anxious or guilty or uninspired? List them out.


4.     Now… think about why. Why do the goals that make me light up… make me light up? And why do the goals that make me go “ughhhh…” make me go “ughhhh”?

That's it!

I hope that you found some clarity in terms of what goals were and/or weren't aligned for you anymore. And if you did find out that a goal was no longer aligned, I want you to remember this:

You deserve to live a life that excites you. You deserve to stand in your power and potential, and if a goal or dream that you're pursuing isn't bolstering that power, then it's standing in the way of your true potential, and it's time to say goodbye to it. Life is short and wonderful and you deserve to pursue goals that light you up.


At the end of the day, finding out that you're out of alignment can be tough, but remember this: what’s waiting for you on the other side of “ughhhh…” and fear and anxiety and dread is overwhelming excitement and ease and light and joy.

You've got this!



P.S: If you want more on this topic, listen to the FULL podcast episode that breaks down this idea of alignment even further!


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