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Journal Exercise: Check-In with Yourself!

Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in living our lives and chasing our goals that we forget to check-in with ourselves. So, let's breathe and pause and do that right now.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • are you being kind to yourself?

  • are you setting reasonable expectations for yourself & your goals?

  • are you acting from a place of love and joy and abundance, rather than from a place of fear and obligation and lack?

  • are you resting and practicing enough self-care?

  • are your practicing gratitude for the woman you are & all that you have now, while looking forward to the woman you’ll be & all you’ll gain in the future?

  • are you telling yourself stories that serve & uplift you?

  • are you pursuing your goal in a way that brings you light and enjoyment of the process?

  • are you celebrating all the wins and feeling proud of yourself in the process?

  • are you taking time to be a human?

At the end of the day, no goal is worth it if the path that gets us there leaves us empty and exhausted and less than our best.



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