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A Powerful Quote from Emily Henry's Book, "Funny Story!"

Do you do this too!? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Your good ole brain— no matter the situation— tends to head to the WORST CASE SCENARIO! 😱

For example—

🩵 I got into the program!

🧠 yeah you got in, but you’ll probs be the dumbest one in the room

🩵 my boss wants to talk to me.

🧠 oh, you’re so fired!

🩵 my SO wants to chat about 💰 goals

🧠 they’re mad & gunna leave me!

Woof, right?! 😅

I think our brains are convinced that if we look for the worst, we’re in control. Nothing can catch us off guard or tear us down if we’re prepared for the absolute worst. Now, let’s be real… that’s no way to live! 🙏

So, we’ve got to CHOOSE to think differently, and one of the things that served as a great reminder of that for me was this quote from Emily Henry’s new book, “Funny Story.”

  • This quote reminds us that even if the worst case is coming, we’ve got to enjoy the now— otherwise, we rob ourselves of so much joy and life!

  • Every situation isn’t gunna blow-up or be a 5 alarm fire, girl— and I say that with soooo much love because I do it, too.

So, choose to tether yourself to the present moment, and stop waiting on baited breathe for it to all come crumbling down. It might, or it might not— so, just be here and enjoy it.



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