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Check-In: What Do You NEED This Weekend?!

Have you ever woke up on Saturday morning, and thought: “Hey, it’s the weekend… I should be productive.”

Woof, right?

We, as a society, have accidentally made being “productive” mean crushing ‘to do’ lists and making ALL the progress on our goals. But… that’s NOT always productive!

There are other things that are equally productive, such as—

✨ resting

✨ sleeping in

✨ having fun

✨ watching trash tv

✨ playing video games

Productivity ACTUALLY has such a wide range!

So, today—do what feels right to you!

💜 if that’s crushing a to do list, GREAT!

💜 if that’s watching all the tv and resting, ALSO GREAT!

Productivity is multi-faceted! Embrace it.



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